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Maps have been used for centuries as guides for people to get from one place to another. They also act to provide information besides acting as an aid to moving around. Cartography has now gone digital and it has helped to increase accuracy, provide greater detail and adaptability that has proved a big boon to professionals, like engineers, architects, and planners.  

The one great advantage of digitized maps is that they can be tailored to meet your exact needs. The same map can be used to contain different aspects that allow all other things to be filtered out so that only the required information is highlighted. Digital Maps from Promap have given professionals a huge range of choices. Maps can focus on topography to indicate the likelihood of floods, while other details of existing structures are filtered out. This allows planning professionals to understand the local environment before they decide on any changes that are to made to the land.

The use of computers also allows 3D models to be very easily constructed from digital maps which are generally more informative and easier to understand for laymen not used to reading the information contained in maps. This is a great help in decision making which often is required to be done by stakeholders or people who are financing a project. Professionals can continue to retain their own technical needs from digital maps. It is also easy to zoom in on particular areas on digital maps so that greater detail can be observed. It also becomes easy to change scales as required, without in any way having to redraw the map. This allows the same map to be used for different purposes, ensuring that the details are maintained as per the master digital impression.

Another way digital maps make life easier for professionals is that it makes it very easy for them to make and send copies to the authorities, to customers and others who have the need for such maps. There is no need to take the extreme care that is necessary to care for printable mediums, paper, or canvas on which maps were originally made. There is also no need to send physical copies, and the internet makes it very easy to transfer and receive documents. The reduction in the use of paper can also be environmentally friendly. It also makes it very easy to carry around copies of digital maps, given the vast array of handheld and other devices like Smartphones that can receive and display digital maps.

The use of aerial mapping and satellites has also greatly helped in the making of maps and creating them directly from photographic images. This does require a lot of equipment and the right software, but can greatly reduce manual effort, while allowing for greater accuracy. It is also possible to digitize old maps by scanning and other methods which helps in their preservation. Software can also be used to modify these old maps and make corrections to them after they are converted to the digital form.




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